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About MahVentura Photography
MahVentura Photography consists of two individuals, Nick Mah and Monica Ventura, that LOVE to take photos and see the wonderful reaction of the recipients of these memories! We are located in Elk Grove and Sacramento. We love to shoot newborns, children, families, and events!

About Monica
As a kid I always wanted to capture daily event or special moments between people through photographs. However, my love for art was stronger and I pursued a career in studio art pushing photography aside. After many years my daughter became the reason I started to pick up a camera. I wanted to record her childhood. I was in awe with her growth. I bought cheap cameras that I thought were good and or I received cameras as gifts, but it wasn't until I was given the opportunity to teach Photo in high school that I developed an interest for black and white photography. I wanted to learn everything about photography!

Nick and I had been taking photos for several years with a digital camera and soon our family and friends motivated us to promote our business in photography. I have enjoyed every second and cannot wait to capture moments that will be remembered by our clients. It is nice to see the world through a camera lens.

About Nick
For me, it started with a small purchase of a Nikon D3000 in 2009. I found out that I loved taking photos far beyond the basic pointing and clicking. I enjoyed figuring out what would make my photos better, what would make them stand out, and what would make someone see it and be amazed.

Then it all clicked after a couple of years of shooting when we volunteered to take photos for Monica's brother's wedding (we wanted to test our mettle and he wouldn't have had photographers otherwise). We absolutely loved shooting his wedding! That's when we got really hooked! Now, for me, I get so much enjoyment hearing from our clients on how much they like their photos. I think that will always be what keeps me in this business is being able to hear or see the enjoyment from, when it all comes down to it, a simple photo.