MahVentura Photography: Blog en-us (C) MahVentura Photography (MahVentura Photography) Wed, 15 Aug 2018 15:18:00 GMT Wed, 15 Aug 2018 15:18:00 GMT MahVentura Photography: Blog 120 80 Kreys | Family Photographing the Kreys was so much fun! The kids enjoyed the scenery at the Cosumnes River Preserve as well as playing with sticks and posing for us. They were all smiles and made us laugh throughout the session. 


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Louie | Family It was so wonderful catching up with our old friends Le and Clif and their little girl, Maddie. She is such a cute little ball of energy. There may or may not have been some bribery with letting her hold some rocks during the session for cooperation. It was such a great time photographing this amazing family!




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Zarek | Newborn Zarek is such a cutie pie and he did amazing during his session! We enjoyed catching up with his parents, Hillary and Brian, and it was nice to meet to Nate, Zarek's 15 year old brother. Despite the age difference, we have a feeling Nate and Zarek will be best buds in the future. 


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Morris-Ghannam | Family Spring is such a pretty time to photograph! Being outdoors and shooting the Morris-Ghannam family was a lot of fun! The kids seemed to enjoy being themselves and posing for us. The response we received back from the photos are exactly why we enjoy taking family photos. Janel said she was emotional looking at the photos and that couldn't have made us any happier to make them happy! 

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Gee | Family We had the pleasure of photographing the Gee family at University of the Pacific in Stockton this campus this year! The Gee family is one of our favorite families to spend time with. We can't believe their oldest son Tyson will be turning 9 this month and Rex turned 7 today! Happy birthday REX!!! 

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Corwin | Family We enjoy photographing in beautiful Elk Grove, from Laguna Creek Trail to the Cosumnes River Preserve. Photographing Luke was so much fun! He is such a cutie and Madeline is such a lovely little girl! 







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Wong | Family OH, MY! Mackenna is full of such a fun personality! She was all smiles and more! Sophy and Phillip have their hands full with this almost 2 year old. We hear she is fearless and a lot of fun. 

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Pham | Family PAXTON! You can't tell from some of the photos, but this year he made it a little bit harder for us to capture his great smile! The last time we saw him he was sitting and now he is walking, running, and talking! Hanh and Sophek seem overjoyed having this cutie in their life!

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De Lo Santos | Family It was very nice to meet Shallan, Daniel, and their son Jacob. We love getting to know our clients throughout the sessions! Shallan and Daniel are so easy to talk to and Jacob was such a ham! We LOVE his smile!

Congratulations on welcoming a new addition to the family! We cannot wait to meet the little one! 

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Chavez | Family A big thank you to the Chavez family for driving from El Dorado Hills to Sacramento to get their photos taken by us! Such a lovely family! Oswaldo and Mateo seem to enjoy baby Diego! All 3 boys were perfect little models.

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Brown | Family This session was full of laughter! The Browns are a pretty good looking family and it was hard to take any bad photos of them. We love to see the interaction between family members and one of our favorite moments from the session was when Hannah decided to hug her brother Jackson just because, but I think asking Rick to put his forehead on his wife Tammy's forehead topped it! He felt awkward and was wondering why we asked him to do it....haha....The look on Tammy's face says it all. Capturing memorable moments is why we photograph! 


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Kylie | Sweet 16 We were able to photograph Kylie back in her dress for the first time back in October (Kylie's First Photo Session) and on New Year's Eve we were able to snap some photos of her and her family and friends before her big birthday party that night! This was also the first time her father would be seeing her in her amazing dress. It was such a sweet moment seeing the initial reaction and then the tears come out of both of them. It was a fun session and ended with a limo picking up Kylie and her friends to sweep them off to the party. Lucky girls! Hope everyone had a blast that night for the birthday AND new years!

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Weires | Family This sweet family of 5 is the BEST! By far, this session was one of the easiest thanks to the cooperation of these cute kids! They were perfect little models who enjoyed posing for us...."sit here....cross your arms....look over tilt your head."    

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Ortega | Family Another year flew by and these beautiful little girls keep growing. Lauren enjoyed posing for the camera and did such a great job trying to get Alyssa to smile for us! 


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Shekar | Family For this family session, we went to the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail in Folsom. The weather was perfect and the sun glow gave us nice fall colors! It was nice to walk and chat with mom and dad about their life and family back in India. We are looking forward to seeing them again as they grow as a family!

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Kylie | 16 LOOK AT THAT DRESS!! Photos can't even do it justice. Kylie even had her own entourage to hold up the sides every time we moved spots. We have known Kylie's family for about 6 years now and we cannot get over how fast kids grow. Kylie is an amazing swimmer and enjoys assisting younger swimmers as a junior coach on our kids' swim team (shout out to Sac Town Tsunami!). She wanted a winter theme on some of the photos so Nick put some of his photoshop skills to work on a couple of the photos. We hope we were able to make her feel special during this session and appreciate that her and her mom reached out to us to photograph her for this special occasion! 

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2016 Fall Mini Sessions Okay, ....this blog is overdue, but better late than not sharing photos from some of our mini sessions! Last November, we photographed many lovely families. Each family is unique and we hope to have captured memorable moments for them to cherish as well as include in their annual Christmas cards.

We go into a mini session trying to capture a variety of shots; family portraits, siblings, mother and children, father and children, sometimes even taking some couple shots....come on ladies, you know you want to show off your hubby, and vice versa! And, of course we have not forgotten about grandparents, pet companions, and other relatives. 

Take a look.....



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Paige | Portraits I have had the pleasure of being Paige's photography teacher for 2 years! She is kind, strong, and determined. Paige enjoys reading, working out, and listening to music. She is also very passionate about photography and aside from pursuing a major in Psychology, Paige seeks to attain a degree in photography as well. 

I wish her luck in her future endeavors! Northern British Columbia will be to lucky to have her as a student. 

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Horner | Family Every year, we look forward to hearing from Allison wanting us to photograph her family. We love how comfortable the girls are with us now and have no hesitation interacting with us and just being able to chat with us. We went to one of their friend's house in Rancho Murieta that had amazing locations to photograph at. All pretty much in "their backyard!" What a wonderful session and wonderful family!

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Nguyen | Family It was a pleasure photographing the Nguyen family for the first time! Chloe (the youngest) gave us a run for our money! Nick's goal was to get her to smile by the end of the session and discovered she loved running high fives and gummi bears, so we were able to get a couple of smiles out of her! We are glad Alison, a client of ours, recommended us to the Nguyens and can't be happier with how the photos turned out. The girls were adorable and can't wait to see them again!

We had an Elk Grove High School student, Lucas Miller assist throughout the session. He wants to be a photographer himself so hopefully we helped him meet his future endeavor and we cannot wait to see some of his work.  

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